Florida - Medical Transcription Service

Meeting the requirements of health care facilities, hospitals, clinics, health systems and various patient organizations, the State of Florida showcases expertise, support and total commitment to the development and quality of health care. Integrating technology and the best practices, Florida has taken the lead to implement the governing regulations and rules of health care systems with constant education and empowerment of professionals in order to accelerate telehealth and telemedicine that adhere to HIPAA and HITECH standards.

Known for improving and upgrading health care services, Florida has maintained high levels of improvement in the health status of its citizens besides offering a range of public health services. As the fourth most populous state in U.S.A., the economy of Florida is supported by various industries with the most popular being the tourism industry. Leveraging Health Technology with biotech and medical laboratories, Florida upgrades University Research with more than $500 million per year in sponsored research at its universities.

V Transcription, as a medical transcription outsourcing company in Florida, USA offers experience, expertise and excellence in transcription services. Rendering expert skills to well-known health care facilities, doctors, clinics and hospitals in the State of Florida, we offer customized, cost-effective and efficient medical transcription that would cater to the ever-changing needs of the growing health care industry.

As a medical transcription and EMR transcription service provider in Florida, USA, V Transcription offers Medical Transcription service support 24/7 with a toll-free number, impeccably transcribed medical records and a skilled team who are trained to perfection. Giving clients quality, dedication and reliability, V Transcription caters to various cities in Florida such as Orlando, Tallahassee, Miami, Jacksonville, Tampa and Miami with transcription services ranging over Radiology, Oncology, Cardiology, Orthopedics and many other medical streams.

Integrating value, core strengths in transcribing and fast TAT, V Transcription provides skilled services to deliver the benefits of outsourcing medical transcription.

Outsourcing Cost Benefits with V Transcription:

United States Department of Labor indicates that Florida's median hourly wages for Medical and Health Services Managers averages $21.14. This is exclusive of operational cost, employee benefits and miscellaneous expenses.

With outsourced medical transcription services to V Transcription, you are intended to save up to 30-50% of your in-house operational cost.

V Transcription offers core efficiencies with:

  • HIPAA and HITECH compliant medical transcription
  • 99% accuracy
  • Next day morning delivery
  • Dedicated Transcription Team
  • Account Manager
  • Free Trial Offer
  • 24/7 Support
  • Free toll-free phone-in dictation system or free digital recorder.
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