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With the rising demand in the health care industry, the State of Mississippi has endeavored to take the necessary steps to leverage telemedicine and telehealth in compliance with HIPAA and HITECH standards. Combining technology with commitment and support to advance expertise in the health care system, Mississippi has formed The Division of Health Facilities Licensor and Certification as a regulatory agency which would be responsible for the formal permission or licensing of home health agencies, hospitals, ambulatory surgical facilities and other health care hospices.

In spite of being the fifth-wealthiest state in the nation in U.S.A., before the Civil War, Mississippi has the lowest per capita personal income and is now upgrading its health care services with Medicare and/or Medicaid programs. Being ranked in the ranked 50th place for health care services, Mississippi had set up the Mississippi Health Care Association (MHCA) in 1953 and is now the largest and oldest association of a combination of health care services that include assisted living homes/personal care, nursing homes and Intermediate Care Facilities for the Mentally Retarded besides being the state affiliate of the American Health Care Association. Complying with the federal and state laws, Mississippi has elevated its health care with over 2,000 laboratories along with the advantage of having the U.S. Department of Agriculture investing more than $6 million for six states along the Mississippi River for the launch of telemedicine projects.

V Transcription as a flexible and versatile medical transcription outsourcing company in Mississippi, USA offers unique, innovative and quality transcription services. Giving their clients a range of medical transcription services, V Transcription offers their expertise and years of knowledge to nursing homes, home health agencies, hospitals, clinics, ambulatory surgical facilities, personal care homes and other health care hospices in the State of Mississippi. Channeling efficiencies to cater cost-effective and customized medical transcription services, the company has crossed barriers with services on par with global standards to keep up with the ever-changing trends in the health care industry.

V Transcription is one of the leading medical transcription outsourcing companies and provides quality end to end transcription solutions in Mississippi, USA. With compliance to HIPPA standards, V Transcription as a MT Company combines excellence with EHR Integration, Quick Turnaround Time (TAT) and RIS/PACS applications. Offering a toll free number, a professional transcription team and 24/7 support, V Transcription also offers transcription services to various cities in Mississippi that include Jackson, Gulfport-Biloxi, Hattiesberg, Tupelo, Columbus, Natchez, Cleveland, Pascagoula, Picayune, Meridian, West Point, Grenada and other cities in the State of Mississippi.

With complete medical transcription solutions, V Transcription is powered by V Script with a suite of technology and services to give their clients the advantages of managing their health care organization transcription system.

Outsourcing Cost Benefits with V Transcription:

United States Department of Labor indicates that Florida's median hourly wages for Medical and Health Services Managers averages $20.56. This is exclusive of operational cost, employee benefits and miscellaneous expenses. With outsourced medical transcription services to V Transcription, you are intended to save up to 30-50% of your in-house operational cost.

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