Radiology Transcription Service

Discover Impeccable Radiology Transcription Services

Offering professional and impeccable radiology transcription with fast delivery, V Transcription has been known for their efficiency, reliability and customized approach when handling Radiology Transcription services. With the know, how, and expertise, the team at V Transcription provides accurate radiology reports transcription to hospital ancillary departments, imaging centers and medical facilities around the globe.


Utilizing state-of-the-art facilities, efficacious transcription solutions and a reliable dictation platform, the company offers a spectrum of HIPAA compliant radiology transcription services with:

  • X-ray or radiography reports
  • DEXA bone densitometry and PET Scan reports
  • Nuclear Medicine & Doppler Evaluations
  • MRI and Ultrasound exams.
  • CAT scan reports
  • Interventional radiology reports
  • Fluoroscopy and teleradiology examinations

Rendering the Perfect Network to Blend with Radiology EMR

Our skilled team of radiology transcriptionists offers radiology transcripts to radiology clinics, imaging centers, diagnostic centers, teleradiology facilities, hospital radiology departments around the globe deploying internet and digital technology with expertise and knowledge. V Transcription gives their clients the benefits of precise and accurate quality transcription services evolving over three levels, quick turnaround time, HL7 integration with any EMR system.


V Transcription exclusive offer,

  • Free toll-free dictation or digital recorder
  • 99% accuracy
  • Cost-effective pricing methodology
  • Specialized radiology transcribers
  • Radiology Transcription manager
  • Customer support 24 x 7

Involving State-of-the-art Technology for Medical Transcription

Constantly upgrading services, V Transcription accelerates the vital importance of radiology reports formedical decision making and in preparing patients for surgery, transferring etc. With continuous training under stringent rules, V Transcription channels energies with education programs involving technology, innovation, different types of PACS systems available in the market while educating radiology transcriptionists to be able to work with any RIS/PACS software such as Ramsoft, Viztek (Opalrad) and many other interactive platforms. The professional team at V Transcription is available online 24/7 to monitor the reports. Offering the reassurance of experience and expertise, V Transcription gives their clients top most priority with personal care.

V Transcription offers Innovation and Versatility with Radiology Transcription
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