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Frequently Asked Questions

How is voice files managed in your company?
A secure login account will be given which enables the medical professional to speak or dictate straight into the server. Our technical team of transcribers downloads this and transcribes the voice files. Tabs can be kept on dictations and the speaker or the person who is dictating will be able to know the position of each file which goes through 3 levels of quality control.
As per the standards in your company which is the best hand-held recorder that you would recommend?
Though there are various models in the market with varying prices, our company recommends Olympus DS 5000. How are dictations forwarded or uploaded?
How are dictations forwarded or uploaded?
V Transcription offers a digital handheld recorder and a toll-free telephone which is made available to you 24/7. Dictations can be uploaded or forwarded directly into either of these two devices and uploaded into our FTP server directly.
Is it possible to get my transcriptions back or download them?
We provide various formats from which you can download or get your files back or download directly from our FTP server. Once we upload your file, we will give you the required information and furthermore, you have the options of printing, emailing or faxing your transcriptions.
Can I avail my dictated and transcribed files online at any time?
Yes, definitely. The dictated file will be available for a week’s period starting from the time that you have uploaded it. Transcribed files can be accessed for an entire year and then stored in secondary media library for life time. Copies of dictated files can be made available if projects details are supplied.
Does your company follow the HIPAA norms and the HITECH Act standards?
Yes. Being an ethical medical transcription and billing services company, all our files adhere to HIPAA compliancy and the HITECH Act standards.
What kind of tools do medical professionals need to have to dictate clinical documentation?
You will need a computer with the operating system being Windows 98 or a later version, an internet connection with a really fast uploading speed and a handheld device.
Is their any particular timing for a toll-free dictation process?

Our toll free dictation systems are can be accessed 24/7 x 365 and dictated any time and from any where.

What is the security that can be offered to clients?

Since we use SiteLock SECURE, all information through emails and phone calls are protected and no information can be taken by any hacker or intruder. Please check our Home Page on the right hand side corner where we have used the logo of our security channel.

How can downloaded transcription be opened or initiated?

Though we can convert files to any required format, it is usually uploaded to the FTP server in RTF file (Rich Text Format). Being typical files, RTF file are quite compatible with most word processing software such as Lotus, WordPerfect, Microsoft Word and more.

Does your company supply dictation equipment?

We do. We supply dictation equipment besides installing an on-site Dictation Capture Unit or DCU on particular contractual agreements with no extra charge.

What are your company rates?

Since we are customer-centric company, we offer options for our clients with highly competitive rates that work out to a 40-60% reduction in cost. Please call us to know more.

What are your work timings?

We work 24/7/365 and we are available even during weekends.

Is there a trial run where we can see the kind of work that you do?

Absolutely. We offer error-free transcription with a free trial and quick turnaround time.

Do you do STAT work?

Yes, we take up STAT work very often. Please call us to discuss the procedures.

Do the medical transcriptionists in your company sign confidentiality agreements?

Yes, our transcriptionists sign non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements including other staff as soon as they are employed by us.

What is your turn-around time?

We offer very quick turn-around time. Please call us to discuss your preferences.

What is the nature of your pricing module?

We believe in unmatched quality with an unbelievable price as we pursue that pricing is one of the main factors that can win in a business. Our pricing is based on what we type with no hidden or extra charges. Our pricing model fits any practice evolving over multispecialty clinics and hospitals to a solo-physician practice. We adhere to the rules of AHDI (Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity) formerly known as AAMT (American Association for Medical Transcription) for the billing. Please call us to know more.

What are the security standards of your company?

Following the HIPAA / HITECH standards, we follow stringent security standards set by the regulations for the protection of healthcare information with Administrative Safeguardscovering all security measures to all sensible data. We deploy Physical Safeguards with a protected environment to prevent removal of confidential data or intrusion and integrate Technical Safeguards to control individual access and authenticate users in order to protect confidential patient information.

Are there any other benefits that your company offers?

Besides offering skill, confidentiality and privacy of patient records, we render flawless medical transcription and billing services with dedication, commitment, and quick turn-around time. Besides this, we offer money back guarantee within 30 days if customers are not satisfied with services.

Where is your company located?

V Transcription is located at: P.O. Box 305 Belden, MS 38826. Please call our Toll Free number for more details: 1-800-723-4308.

Does your company also do general transcription or non-medical transcription?

Yes, we provide general transcription or non-medical transcription to cater to all needs. Please contact us for a quote: 1-800-723-4308.

Are your services Mac-compatible?

Yes, our online EMR is compatible with the Mac OS X operating system with transcriptions completed in Microsoft Word also available for Mac, moreover, most voice recorders are integrated with Mac-compatible software.

Which are the states where you provide medical transcription services?

We provide medical transcription services throughout U.S.A., in all the 50 states. Please take a look at our website for more details: http://www.usmedicaltranscriptionservice.com.

Are there any particular medical practice groups that you cater to?

We provide medical transcription to hospitals, clinics, doctors, radiology units, and all medical practice groups in general.

Do you know how much it would cost me if I sending a fax?

We have an online EMR and it would not cost anything

Since there are various types of dictation, would it be possible to have multiple templates?

Yes, we have different types of templates for various kinds of dictation such as referrals, SOAP notes, patient medical history, studies, release reports and many others.

How are dictations processed?

Our transcriptionists are highly qualified and have over 10 years of experience. An MT Group will be assigned to you when you sign up based on your estimated dictation load and specialty. As soon as you upload your dictation into our system or server, the assigned MT Group will receive your dictation automatically for transcription. Our MT Group comprises of medical transcriptionists with a quality control supervisor who checks for accuracy and submits the transcription for online pick up.

How will I be assured of quality transcription?

Besides setting up a toll-free number, you will receive a free trial. Please call us for more details: 1-800-723-4308

We are a practice group.How do we sign up?

Please call us at: 1-800-723-4308. All you have to do is sign up and you can start dictating almost immediately. Please email us at jwilson@vtranscriptions.com for more information.

Do you know any medical transcription that deploys HIPAA and HITECH Act in their transcription?

I have tried out a reliable medical transcription company and they adhere to the latest updates of the HITECH Act with HIPAA regulations, the latest technology with EMR EHR integration and more. Try out: www.usmedicaltranscriptionservice.com.

Does outsourced medical transcription help as a back up for quality healthcare?

Yes, medical transcription companies invest capital, personnel and time to cater to healthcare hospices to provide the best results with offering receivables management, risk management and quality healthcare. www.usmedicaltranscriptionservice.com.

Is medical transcription advantageous in supporting patient medical records?

Definitely. Medical transcription outsourcing helps in supporting and delivering quick and quality transcription that enables healthcare professionals to lessen the problem of maintaining patient medical records. www.usmedicaltranscriptionservice.com.

Does medical transcription outsourcing need to be efficient?

Medical transcription outsourcing needs to be effective and efficient in timely delivery of medical reports and with the latest technology, patient clinical documentation is secure and confidential. Check out: www.usmedicaltranscriptionservice.com.

Does outsourcing streamline costs for healthcare hospices?

Outsourcing medical transcription saves money for the outsourcing company which does not have to be burdened by official regulations and timely delivery with specialized medical transcription. Please see: www.usmedicaltranscriptionservice.com.

What is HL7?

HL7 transcription or Health Level 7 pertains to recognized healthcare standards and is accredited by the American National Standards or ANSI with standards that define, communicate and represent the norms related to healthcare data. Go to: www.usmedicaltranscriptionservice.com.

What are specialty services in medical transcription?

Specialty medical transcriptioncovers all specialties with the latest in technology that include HIPAA/HITECH compliant healthcare transcription, transfer of files through FTP and more. Please see: www.usmedicaltranscriptionservice.com.

Is MT training necessary to be a medical transcriptionist?

A medical transcriptionist has to undergo training that evolves over medical terms, study of the anatomy, use of various templates, efficiency, accuracy, memory skills and grammar skills. Check out: www.usmedicaltranscriptionservice.com.

Why is privacy needed for medical records documentation?

Ethics and privacy is needed for all medical records as the confidentiality of private clinical documentation protects the patient and cannot be shared without his/her permission as legal issues may arise. Go to: www.usmedicaltranscriptionservice.com.

What are the kinds of software used by MT companies?

Medical transcription companies use RIS/PACS software such as Ramsoft, Viztek (Opalrad) and many other interactive platforms. Check out: www.usmedicaltranscriptionservice.com.

Can I use my iphone to dictate into V Transcription services?

Yes, you can. V Transcription will set up an FTP server which will be access through download for free software Dictamus. Once you have the set up additional sharing options in Dictamus for FTP, you can automatically route the dictations to our FTP.

I am looking for a medical transcription company. Do you know of any?

Yes, I do. There is a very skilled medical transcription outsourcing company which is a medical transcription and EMR service provider in USA. You can contact them at: www.usmedicaltranscriptionservice.com.

Do you know any medical transcription and billing company that uses the latest technology?

I know a medical transcription and billing company that uses EHR EMR integration, 256 bit AES encryption, RIS/PACS applications, HL7 interface, 128-bit SSL platform and FTP transfer of files. Check out: www.usmedicaltranscriptionservice.com.

What are the benefits of a medical transcription company?

They are cost-effective, reducing manpower with the advantage of a money back guarantee within 30 days if their customers are not satisfied with their services and quick turnaround time (TAT). Try out: www.usmedicaltranscriptionservice.com.

I am thinking of using the services of medical transcription companies. What are the advantages?

You will get HIPAA and HITECH compliant medical transcription, 99% accuracy, next day morning delivery, free trial offer, 24/7 support, free toll-free phone-in dictation system or free digital recorder. Log in to: www.usmedicaltranscriptionservice.com.

How much would I save if I use the services of a medical transcription company?

With outsourced medical transcription services, you are intended to save up to 30-50% of your in-house operational cost. Check out a reliable MT company: www.usmedicaltranscriptionservice.com.

I need the services of a medical transcription company real fast. Can you help?

Yes, of course. Call this toll free number: 1-800-723-4308 and check out: www.usmedicaltranscriptionservice.com. You will get HIPAA and HITECH compliant medical transcription and multi-specialty medical transcription.

My clinic is looking for a medical transcription company that can ensure security. Can anyone help me?

There is a professional medical transcription company that utilizes the latest technology, transfer of files through FTP, 128-bit SSL certified platform to ensure privacy and protection. See: www.usmedicaltranscriptionservice.com.

Can medical transcription companies supply transcription documents to various types of healthcare units?

Yes, I know a medical transcription company that offers multi-specialty transcription services to home health agencies, nursing homes, healthcare hospices and other healthcare modules in USA. Check out: www.usmedicaltranscriptionservice.com.

Will our hospital be able to get customized medical transcription?

Of course, you can get comprehensive workflow management with HL7 and EHR/EMR integration, customized medical transcription services and dictation options with a toll free number. Check out: www.usmedicaltranscriptionservice.com.

I am looking for a medical transcription company that specializes in radiology transcription. Know of any?

Yes, sure. There is a medical transcription company that specializes in radiology report transcription for over a decade. They deliver 99% quality on transcribed reports with a very short turnaround time. Try out: www.usmedicaltranscriptionservice.com.