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Multispeciality Transcription Services

Adding the advantage of expertise to experience, V Transcriptions a leading medical transcription company is based in Belden, Mississippi. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology and tools, V Transcription assists physicians, group physicians, hospitals and non-profit health care organization with its ease-of-use ASP platform transcription module. V Transcription offers professional highly skilled trained individuals who are continuously educated on technology advancement with HIPAA and HITECH Act updates. V Transcription has expertise in transcribing all specialties to offer their customers greater levels of comfort and care.


V Transcriptions combines knowledge with their core strengths to render reduced transcription cost up to 40%-50%, customized turnaround time, comprehensive work flow management with HL7 integration and easy EMR integration and EMR/EHR transcription. Blending know how with skillful ease, the team at V Transcription offers increased physician satisfaction, support beyond time limits, security, reliability with the guarantee that if their clients are not satisfied within the first 30 days, there will be no charge.


Fully equipped to handle volume with quick turnaround time, V Transcription offers a spectrum of services with:

Radiology Transcription

Cardiology Transcription

Psychiatry Transcription

Chiropractic Transcription

Geriatrics Transcription

Medical Review Transcription

Pathology Transcription

Podiatry Transcription

Plastic Surgery Transcription

Allergy and Sleep Medicine Transcription

Critical Care Transcription

Dermatology Transcription

Endocrinology Transcription

Gastroenterology Transcription

Infectious Diseases Transcription

Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery Transcription

Urology Transcription

Rheumatology Transcription

Surgery Transcription

Physical Medicine and Rehab Transcription

Radiation Oncology Transcription

Occupational Medicine Transcription

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Transcription

Microbiology Transcription

Neurosurgery Transcription

Nuclear Medicine Transcription

Immunology Transcription

Anesthesiology Transcription

Neurology Transcription

Ophthalmology Transcription

Obstetrics & Gynecology Transcription

Orthopedics Transcription

Oncology Transcription

Pediatric Transcription

Pulmonary Transcription

Internal Medicine Transcription

Behavioral Medicine Transcription

Dentistry Transcription

Emergency Room Transcription

Family Practice Transcription

General Surgery Transcription

Hematology Transcription

Toxicology Transcription

Vascular Transcription

Sports Medicine Transcription

Pain Management Transcription

Physical Therapy Transcription

Rehab Medicine Transcription

Occupational Therapy Transcription

Osteopath Transcription

Nephrology Transcription

Nursing Transcription

IPhone V Transcription

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