General Transcription Service

Academic Transcription

Our Academic Transcription needs covers consumer research, conferences, one-to-one interviews and various other related topics. With a prestigious list of clients including students and professors, V Transcription offers 99% accuracy, non-digital/analog audio transcription or digital audio transcription. We render perfect transcription with 3 levels of quality control, latest, technology and a skilled team of transcriptionists with a cost-effective approach.

Audio Transcription

We give you the guarantee of quality, quantity and value with Audio Transcription along with affordable prices. V Transcription offers Audio Transcription services for Conferences, Business meetings, Interviews, Group Discussions and Seminars. With our expertise and sound experience in Audio Transcription, we also offer Audio Transcription FOR Focus groups, Radio shows, Podcasts and Transcribe Audio with non-digital/analog audio transcription or digital audio transcription.

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Video Transcription

With quick TAT or turnaround time and expert services, V Transcription offers Video Transcription for transcribing Webcasts, Video tapes, Podcast transcription or Streaming Media. As our team is skilled in transcribing video/audio content, we offer our services for multimedia companies, educational organizations, television networks, independent producers and other similar modules including delivering YouTube video transcription services.

Voice Transcription Service

Ensuring accurate delivery, V Transcription renders perfect Voice Transcription Service to a gamut of clients such as legal companies, television companies, students, universities with conversion of voice to text services. Our clients can upload the voice files with the help of a hosted file transfer module on our website or they can be sent as email attachments, DVDs or mini cassettes.

Business Transcription

Offering Business Transcription in a quick, easy and efficient way, V Transcription also adds on 99% accuracy, cost-effective methods with cutting edge technology. We offer Business Transcription services for conferences, press meets, conference calls, seminars, focus group meetings, job interviews and annual meetings. With efficacy, V transcription gives their clients perfectly transcribed business calls, insurance cases, tele seminars, round table discussions, sales meetings, training seminars, webinars, brainstorming sessions, surveys & market research.

Movie Script Transcription Services

Moving into an entertaining arena, V Transcription offers Movie Script Transcription services with a cost-effective approach and 99% accuracy. With the ease of transcribing scripts that are on a DVD or a VHS cassette, our clients can upload the movie using the File Transfer Protocol or FTP facility on our website. Our skilled team of transcriptionists is adept at speech to text conversion and can transcribe verbatim scripts. With 24/7 support and competitive pricing, we have been transcribing with experience and expertise.

Podcast Transcription

With the advantage of bringing traffic to your website, V Transcription offers Podcast Transcription services that would introduce listeners to the podcast with the advantage of having a transcribed text version to follow. V Transcription with their skilled team of transcribers offers Podcasts of Organizational learning topics transcription, Podcasts of Technology radio programs transcription Podcasts of teleconferences transcription and Podcasts of focus groups transcription. Ensuring quick turnaround time, we deliver on-time Podcast Transcription for Podcasts of Business meetings transcription, Podcasts of Sermons transcription, Podcasts of TV shows transcription an other similar topics.

Conference Call Transcription

Offering their expertise in transcribing, V Transcription gives their clients professional services with Conference Call Transcription. Making it easy for businesses and companies to keep track of conversations on the telephone or the web, V Transcription offers conference call services for Internet broadcasting, audio conferencing, conference archiving, conference recording and web conferencing. Reducing costs for clients, we have formed a talented pool of resources with 99% accuracy and 3 levels of quality control to offer transcriptions for sales presentations, team meetings, business meetings, communication with employees at various locations, training classes and project meetings.

Focus Group Transcription

With high levels of accuracy, V Transcription offers group depth interviews or Focus Group Transcription. Ensuring quality and value with accuracy, V Transcription offers quick turnaround time with customized delivery, reduced costs and customer satisfaction. We can transcribe from digital files and analog cassettes for Focus Group Transcription. With a highly qualified team of professional transcriptionists, we render precise and accurate work that includes recognizing the voices and transcribing separate dialogs of individuals concerned.

Market Research Transcription

Utilizing knowledge and know how, V Transcription offers a comprehensive range of Market Research Transcription services. Giving our clients customized and professional services, we also include the factors of reduced costs, quick TAT or turnaround time and 99% accuracy. With a team of skilled transcribers we offer excellent transcribing solutions for surveyors, market research firms, independent researchers, business modules and other related marketing individuals. Being proficient in transcribing from digital and audio/video formats, we also offer market research transcripts that are customized and clear.

Radio Shows Transcription

Deploying talent and strength, V Transcription offers the services of transcribing the popular media of Radio Shows Transcription. We offer a perfect rendition of Radio Shows Transcription along with online radio shows, news shows, educational radio programs, talk shows, phone in programs with 99% accuracy and 3 levels of quality control. With low prices and quick turnaround time, we offer the guarantee of impeccably transcribed radio programs.

Audio to Text Transcription

V Transcription offers Audio to Text Transcription with excellent rendition, low costs and customized to suit various types of clients. With fast delivery and 3 levels of control, we offer audio to text transcription for universities, media professionals, academic interviews, text versions of television and radio programming. Ensuring accuracy with a team of skilled transcribers, we transcribe from mp3 or .wav format, digital audio files, mini discs, analogue cassettes, PACE tapes, DVD and DAT tapes to deliver on-time audio to text documents.

Verbatim Transcription

Using intelligent methods, V Transcription offers Verbatim Transcription that includes expressions, sounds, pauses and speech. With an exact replica of verbatim transcripts, we transcribe movie scripts, market research interviews, court transcripts, PhD interviews and render B-roll transcription and research transcription customized to suit various types of clientèle. Our team of specialists maintains strict verbatim rules, keen attention to detail and quick delivery of perfectly documented Verbatim Transcription.

Digital Voice Transcription

Being in the business of transcription for over a decade, V Transcription offers Digital Voice Transcription. With the latest in technology, transfer of files through FTP or file transfer protocol, we deploy the talent of our highly skilled team of professionals to transcribe digital voice recording to digital transcription with quick turnaround time and low costs. We also offer dictation options, a toll-free number and a digital recorder according to our clients’ needs.

Captioning Services

As a helpful service, V Transcription offers Captioning Services that converts sound into text rendering closed captioning services to feature films, television programs, documentary films, training videos and educational videos. As a mandate from the Federal Communication Commission or FCC, built-in decoders are necessary for 13 inches or larger screens of analog television receivers to display the audio as text on the screen for people who have hearing disabilities. Digital television or DTV receivers also have to include closed captioning display as per the FCC as a requirement to be adhered to by broadcasters, multi channel video programming distributors, satellite distributors and other video programming distributors to include captions for almost all their programs. Closed captioning features are of advantage to people who have hearing disabilities and whose native tongue is not English to improve comprehension levels and leverage literacy. V Transcription also offers captioning services for video clips in Google video and Youtube with quick TAT and low costs.

Dissertation / Thesis / Research Transcription

Leveraging education with Dissertation / Thesis / Research Transcription, V Transcription offers a gamut of benefits to students when they prepare for a university degree. With a range of professional services, we transcribe audio recordings of power point presentations, interviews, interviews, press cuttings and various other similar documents as per the students’ needs. With a low cost, high quality transcription, we offer quick turnaround time and adhere to the specified format and style that is required.

CD - DVD Transcription

With a versatile touch, V Transcription offers CD - DVD Transcription services to a gamut of clients according to specifications. Our clients will find it easy to send us DVDs or CDs or they can upload it through FTP or file transfer protocol. We cater to university students, attorneys, business houses, marketing companies, law enforcement agencies, radio and television companies. With the latest technology and a skilled team, we transcribe audio and video recordings with quick turnaround time, 3 levels of quality control and low cost pricing.

Typing Services

Saving time and energy, V Transcription offers Typing services as a quick and easy way to transcribe audio recordings customized to suit different types of clients. Our clients can send us .dss or .mp3, or .wav formats that we can type with quick turnaround time and at reduced costs. Our skilled team of professional transcribers and typists can offer Typing Services with agility and fast delivery. We cater to doctors, legal companies, university students, industries, radio and television companies and other professionals.

Subtitling Services

Offering accuracy, skill, speed and swift delivery, V Transcription gives their clients the ease of Subtitling Services making it convenient for viewers. Transcending the language barrier with multi-language sub titles, V Transcription saves costs for their clients with low pricing and uploading of file through FTP. With tailored solutions, we can cater to numerous clients with quantity and quality with subtitling for webcasts, podcasts, feature films, television programs and documentary films in various specified colors, fonts or other preferred styles.

One-On-One Interview Transcription

As a clear interpretation of conversations and dialogs, V Transcription offers One-On-One Interview Transcription that can be given in Intelligent Verbatim, Intelligent and Verbatim formats. Being a quick and easy way to store information, One-On-One Interview Transcription can be transcribed from audio recordings in mini discs, micro cassettes, audio tapes and mini tapes. We offer One-On-One Interview Transcription for phone interviews, celebrity interview, job interviews, career counseling and any other interviews on television and/or radio.

Documentary Footage Transcription

Offering the functional module of Documentary Footage Transcription, V Transcription gives you perfectly transcribed transcripts of your documentary so that it can be indexed by search engines. With reduced costs, a skilled team of transcriptionists, 99% accuracy, quick turnaround time and 3 levels of quality control, we offer Documentary Footage Transcription to short film makers and television networks. We transcribe impeccable transcripts for Documentary Footage Transcription from recordings on DVDs or VHS tapes or the documentary footage can be uploaded through FTP or file transfer protocol which is available on our website.

TV Shows Transcription

Giving clients the convenience of speech to text conversion, V Transcription offers TV Shows Transcription to television companies for popular soap operas and sitcoms. Including the advantage of adding Sub titles or Closed Captions to make it easy for people with hearing disabilities and in keeping with the FCC mandate, we offer fast turnaround time, accuracy and 3 levels of quality control with reduced costs.

Teleseminar Transcription

Rendering critical information with accuracy, V Transcription offers Teleseminar Transcription to companies, groups of individuals, marketing modules and various other organizations. Offering perfect transcription with speed, quick delivery, 99% accuracy, low costs, high quality and 3 levels of quality control, we are adept at converting speech to text transcribed by a talented pool of resources who deliver exact information for marketing or for other purposes with any number of people participating in the teleseminar.

Interview Transcription

Being adept at One-on-One Interview Transcription, V Transcription introduces their aptitude for general Interview Transcription with reduced costs and 3 levels of quality control. Catering to health care modules, educational institutions, media companies, business houses, market research companies and various other organizations, we also offer quick turnaround time, 24/7 support, 99% accuracy and skilled transcribers. The various types of Interview Transcription include group discussions, legal interviews, one-on-one interviews, police interviews, telephone call recordings, job interviews, marketing and research interviews, business meetings, radio interviews, television interviews, dissertations and many more.

Voice Mail Transcription

Offering Voice mail Transcription with ease for the convenience of corporate companies, institutions, health care modules and organizations, V Transcription gives their clients quick delivery and accuracy. By setting up a remote access service to the organization’s voice mail system, we provide conversion of voice mails into text in Windows Word .doc format, XL spreadsheet format or in any specified text format. With 24/7 support services, low costs, 3 levels of quality and detailed care, we offer perfectly transcribed voice mail Transcription.

Investigative Transcription

Keeping up with changes in a fast-paced world, V Transcription offers Investigative Transcription as a necessary and critical factor for PI firms, Investigation Services companies and Private Investigators. With a team of skilled transcribers, 3 levels of quality control, quick turnaround time and reduced costs, we transcribe flawless documents with accuracy from VHS, CDs, microcassettes or cassettes and deliver Investigative Transcription from Spanish to English or English to English with knowledge and know how.

Translation Services

Using innovation for the convenience of their clients, V Transcription offers Translation Services with expertise and experience. Our expert team of transcribers offers their services translating from Spanish to English and English to Spanish with ease, quality and quick turnaround time. We offer our translation services to individuals, corporate houses, academic organizations, entertainment modules and other similar clients with 99% accuracy and reduced costs.

E-mails Transcription

Converting digital recordings into text transcription, V Transcription provides low cost and high quality to individuals, business houses, organizations and health care units with Emails Transcription. Offering expert transcriptionists and the latest technology, V Transcription gives their clients the satisfaction of completing your Email Transcription with accuracy and quick turnaround time so that you can convey the necessary information to business partners, corporate houses, family and friends. All you need to do is transfer your MP3 files through our secure FTP server.

Government Grants Transcription

Undertaking an important and much-needed task, V Transcription offers Government Grants Transcription for government applications. Rendering perfect and quick transcription by a skilled team with low costs, high quality and speedy delivery, we offer Government Grants Transcription for various Grants such as Seed money or start-up grants, Endowment grants and Management or technical assistance grants. Involving flexibility and quick turnaround time, we deliver impeccable Government Grants Transcription for Operating support grants or for general purposes, Facilities and equipment grants, Educational/Academic Grants, Program-related investments or PRIs, Planning grants and Program development or project support grants. We are adept at transcribing digital files, CDs or DVDs and are capable of transcribing government applications such as Government services, Endowments, Loans and Contract bids.

Memo Transcription

Transcribing Memo Transcriptions with ease for your convenience, V Transcription offers excellent transcription in .pdf, Word, txt, or any other specified format. Offering a skilled team of professionals, quick turnaround time, reduced costs and 3 levels of quality control, we adhere to high standards and accuracy with Executive Notations, Conference Meeting Notes, Medical Documentation, Legal Paperwork and other different types of memos.

Mobile Dictation

Taking the edge off listening to innumerable mobile recordings, V Transcription offers Mobile Dictation services by delivering audio to text transcription. With 99% accuracy and high quality, we give our clients reduced costs, 3 levels of quality control, quick turnaround time and a skilled team who are trained to work diligently and with discipline. As digital recordings through a cellular or mobile phone, Mobile Dictations can be uploaded on our secure FTP server. With our training in the latest technology, we are capable of handling any mobile device be it Android™, iPhone™, Samsung™, Palm™, Blackberry™, HTC Windows™ or Nokia™. With customized delivery, we offer our Mobile Dictation services to individuals, health care professionals, legal issues, schooling/study and to business houses.

Seminar Transcription

Blending quality, quantity and perfection, V Transcription offers the easy way to listen, read and absorb seminar recordings with Seminar Transcription. Converting the recorded seminars from audio to text, we offer low costs and high quality with flawlessly transcribed Seminar Transcription and send the completed files in any preferred format such as Word, .txt, .pdf or according to specifications. Offering 3 levels of quality control, 24/7 support, secure transfer of files through FTP with quick turnaround time, we transcribe recorded audio to text for business meetings, trade shows, recorded seminars, lectures and conferences.

Notes Transcription

Handling digital and analog recordings with ease, V Transcription offers accuracy and the convenience of Notes Transcription with DVR Note Transcription, Note Dictation and Note to Text. Giving individuals, corporate houses, business modules and other organizations 99% accuracy, 3 levels of quality control, we also add on the benefit of 24/7 support. With competitive pricing, a skilled team of transcriptionists and the latest technology, we offer Notes Transcription with excellence and experience.

Insurance Transcription

With easy uploading of files through FTP available on our server, V Transcription offers the critical documentation of Insurance Transcription with reduced costs and accuracy. Offering various documents needed by insurance companies, we render fast delivery with field investigations, insurance claimant statements, property insurance and insurance claims. Rendering detailed attention with expertise, we offer documentation concerning investigation reports, telephone conversations, summary report, medical insurance, legal and workers compensation documents.

Workshop and Break Out Session Transcription Services

Offering quick turnaround time with accuracy and 3 levels of quality control, V Transcription gives their clients critical information with Workshop and Break Out Session Transcription Services. With a professional team of transcriptionists, we transcribe interactive sessions with a panel of several speakers to provide workshops for global health, business development, biotech and clinical research. With competitive prices and 99% accuracy, we offer breakout transcription services and workshop transcription services with various subjects including environment, regenerative medicine, intellectual property, investor relations/ public relations, food and agriculture.

Sermon Transcription

With a knowledgeable and well-read team of transcriptionists, V Transcription offers Sermon Transcription that can be easily uploaded through FTP which is available on our server. Adept at formatting and we help our clients to publish sermons on the Internet so that people can access it in a quick and timely manner. Blending accuracy, affordable prices and in-depth attention, we transcribe sermons that range across all denominations with a gamut of transcription services. V Transcription has been known for their proficiency and reliability and is the preferred choice for many religious houses that need Prayer Transcriptions, Funeral/Burial Transcriptions, Wedding Ceremony Transcriptions, Holiday Service Transcriptions, Sermon Transcriptions, Religious Teachings Transcriptions and various other related topics.

SKYPE Transcription

As an innovative way to communicate, SKYPE has helped people with access through its online chat services. V Transcription provides accurate records with SKYPE Transcription that can be uploaded easily though FTP on our server. We deliver SKYPE Transcription to individuals, corporate houses, business people and health care units and many others with transcripts that are error free with 99% accuracy, 3 levels of quality control, formatted and grammatically correct documents with reduced costs and quick turnaround time.

Webinars Transcription

Delineating the tediousness of listening lengthy webinars, V Transcription offers Webinars Transcription that can be customized according to clients’ preferences and delivered in any choice of format including .pdf, txt, Word or other choices. We offer Webinars Transcription to business houses, corporate organizations universities and institutions with 99% accuracy, competitive prices and skilled transcription. Providing a range of services, we offer Web Lecture Transcription, Web Academic Interview Transcription, Webinar Transcription, Web Group Discussion Transcription, Web Interview Transcription, Web Business Transcription and Web Educational Transcription

Vox Pops Transcription

Skillfully transcribing Vox Pops Transcription or voice of the people or vox populi as first-hand opinions on any product or subject, V Transcription offers know how on diction and accents. Giving our clients affordable prices, 3 levels of quality control by specialized market researchers and a team of professional transcribers, we deliver on-time transcripts from MP3 format and from DVDs, analog tapes and CDs. Our Vox Pops Transcription service is of high quality with 99% accuracy and reliability.

MP3 Transcription

Offering impeccable MP3 Transcription with 99% accuracy and 3 levels of quality control, V Transcription displays their forte in transcribing various types of digital formats. We offer transcripts from other file formats such as WAV transcription, RealMedia transcription, DSS transcription, WMV and WMA transcription. With a team of high qualified and killed professionals, we also handle Windows Media transcription, MP4 transcription, Quicktime transcription, AIFF transcription and RealAudio transcription. With quick turnaround time and low costs, the audio digital formats can be delivered to us in 64 kbit/second data rate, the file size being within 60 minutes, 44.1 khz frequency per second and in mono channel.

Script Transcription

V Transcription offers Script Transcription of your favorite TV shows or videos with excellence and accuracy. Offering a skilled team, low costs and high quality, we deliver Script Transcription to production houses, script-writers, documentary creators, media modules and moviemakers. We format and transcribe existing scripts from different types of formats into a complete digital format. Our clients can upload the movie or TV show on to our secure server through FTP or send us a DVD. We also offer subtitling, captioning and time stamping options.

Journalistic Interviews Transcription

With competitive rates, high quality and accuracy, V Transcription offers Journalistic Interviews Transcription with ease and quick delivery. We convert non digital formats such as magnetic tapes and VHS cassettes or digital formats such as CDs and DVDs into text for journalistic interviews conducted for magazines, newspapers, television, radio shows or online media. We guarantee quality, 24/7 support and detailed care.

Deposition Transcription

V Transcription offers Deposition Transcription with skill, proficiency and professionalism. Providing 24/7 support, a highly trained team of transcribers, 99% accuracy and reduced rates, we deliver verbatim transcriptions of topic summary deposition, page by page deposition, chart summary deposition and customized deposition. With supervision by legal and deposition experts we offer diligent and dedicated Deposition Transcription of all interrogations, meetings, hearings, legal examinations and court depositions. We also offer a toll-free number, secure FTP transfer and dictation options including a digital recorder.

Web captions Transcription

Including our closed captioning services for educational videos, training videos, feature films, television programs and documentary films, V Transcription offers Web captions Transcription as an added feature for webinars, webisodes and podcasts. Our team of trained transcriptionists provides quick turnaround time, 99% accuracy, high quality, volume and 3 levels of quality control. Our Web captions Transcription services includes closed captioning for the hearing impaired, sound effects and foreign language translation.

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