Technology is in an ever-evolution mode. Every year new and advanced things appear on the scene. EMR Transcription Services in Canada is also not an exception to it.

Doctors are using scribes nowadays for live transcription of EMR records. They feel that it is far better than outsourcing the activity to overnight transcription services in and outside Canada.

What do the doctors feel about scribe services and why do they find it better than the conventional transcription?

Here are a few rationales.

  • Doctors are not required to spend time in dictating the things anymore; they feel it a great relief. However, it is quite cumbersome for them to dictate the whole thing after a long, tiring day spent in managing patients. Now, the system takes care of it, and there are no notes pending.
  • EMR Scribe Services in Canada takes care of the EMR chatting. Thus, doctors and their secretaries are free for doing value-adding things.
  • Since the charts are ready by the end of the day, the doctors find it quick and convenient. Since the frequently used codes are known to the scribes, there are no billing issues.
  • Using scribe systems, doctors can manage the work of EMR or transcription easily. They find more time for their patients. Thus, there are clean and well-maintained patient records and happy and satisfied patients.

From the points mentioned above, it is quite clear that EMR Transcription Services in Canada is quickly getting replaced with virtual scribe services.

The change is happening quite rapidly. Therefore, outsourced transcription companies are looking for several options to keep the workflow intact.

Virtual scribe seems to be an ideal solution.

What is a virtual scribe?

If we study the strong points and benefits of a virtual scribe, there are two significant advantages of it over the live scribe.

  1. Live scribe services are managed by nursing staff, students or medical professionals. Obviously, they are costlier than others. Virtual scribe is more expensive than regular transcription. However, it is cheaper than live US scribe.
  2. When live scribe service provider sits with the physician and listens to the conversation, patients may not feel comfortable with it. In case of virtual scribes, patients know that someone is listening, but they are less uncomfortable with it.

Many transcription services are gradually shifting to virtual scribe and managing their business well. With every passing day, the importance of EMR Scribe Services in Canada is gradually increasing.

It is important that only seasoned transcription specialists switch to the virtual scribe system. Otherwise, the work efficiency will drop greatly. It will delay the process and create an uncomfortable situation for doctors who eavily depend on the transcripts.

Customer-centric transcription service make sure that the change in technology doesn’t hamper their customers.

Virtual scribe services gather almost 90 percent of the details correctly from the conversation. The doctors are supposed to check the chart and make necessary changes.

It can be done in a few minutes, and the chart is ready to print.