Electronic Medical Record Transcription Service


Re-discover the ease, the comfort and convenience of EMR or electronic medical records or EHR or electronic health records that benefits EMR dictation and which displays medical specific specialties with unmatchable reliability. With ease of use and efficiency, EMR/EHR software comprises of a range of support services that covers medical transcriptions, medical billing, administrative, financial, clinical and regulatory solutions. Evolving over integrated solutions and needs of health care facilities, the EMR/EHR software has the advantage of converting information from paper to Electronic Medical Records that are operated by EMR specialists.


Leveraging the benefits of utilizing a transcription services company, EMR/EHR manages over 30 medical specialties which can be used through EMR dictation to be transcribed by a medical transcription service. Besides being a source for a paperless environment, EMR/EHR software is ideal for doctors to utilize this facility for follow up visits and charting a patient's records. Following the trends of clinical documentation and faster work flow, EMR/EHR can be customized with clinical templates, flow sheets and letters that accelerate quick EMR dictation and document management.


As the world rotates on an ever-changing axis, the trends have allowed the EMR software features to be highly developed especially for the iPad enabling convenient EMR dictation. With the Web enabled, Open Source and Wireless technologies, the scope of S.M.E.'s has developed in entering the market to widen horizons and to avail the benefits of acquiring business. Giving a transcription services company footage to grow and service S.M.E.'s, the EMR/EHR software has coordinated with the trends to display and nurture cordial teamwork.

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