Allergy and Sleep Medicine Transcription

Discover Perfection and Professionalism

Displaying an efficient approach, V Transcription as a versatile medical transcription company offers allergy and sleep medicine transcription to:

  • Hospitals
  • Sleep centers
  • Individual medical practitioners
  • Health care facilities
  • Physicians' groups

With HIPAA compliance, discretion, confidentiality and quick turnaround time, V Transcription gives their clients quality, value, competitive pricing and competence. The company offers ease-of-use with:

  • Toll free number
  • Support of digital dictation machines
  • Secure 256 bit AES encryption technology
  • Document management flow system
  • Volume
  • EMR or any electronic interface, transcription server interface
  • HL7
  • Voice recognition software

Professional and skillful, the team at V Transcription displays careful attention to detail with reports being put through a stringent 3-level quality assurance with time and cost savings. V Transcription offers 99% accuracy with end-to-end solutions with allergy and sleep medicine transcription needs with the latest technology. The company offers a well and intensely trained team to deliver:

  • General correspondence
  • Progress reports
  • Discharge summaries
  • Consultation notes
  • History and physicals
  • Peer reviews
  • Independent medical evaluations
  • Operative reports
  • Hospital progress notes
  • Referral letters
  • Laboratory summaries
  • History
  • Clinical notes
  • Chart notes
  • Procedure notes

Besides offering specialized teams for each physician, V Transcription also offers with experience and dedication with specialty requirements.

V Transcription Utilizes Proficiency and Precision with Allergy and Sleep Medicine Transcription
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