Dermatology Transcription Service

A Culture of Impeccable Transcription Services

Traversing a gamut of transcription services, V Transcription renders the culture of delivering impeccable dermatology transcription. Offering their clients perfectly transcribed dermatology records with 99% accuracy, the company inculcates the medical protocol of transcribing HIPAA compliant medical documents, 3 levels of stringent quality checks, secure 256 bit AES encryption, full document flow management with EMR interface, a toll free number 24/7 support and browser based transfer of files. With a skilled and dedicated team, V Transcription offers dermatology transcription to dermatologists, physicians' groups, individual doctors, hospitals and health care facilities. With an efficient culture, the skilled team of transcriptionists offers consultation reports, discharge summaries, operative reports, patient histories and physicals and other dermatology transcription documents.

Providing dermatology transcription with precision and detailed care, V Transcription offers subspecialties like pediatric dermatology, dermatopathology, teledermatology, Mohs surgery, immunodermatology phlebology, venereology and cosmetic dermatology. Besides showcasing flawless transcription, the company offers a range of documents that they are proficient in such as peer reviews, progress reports, general correspondence, independent medical evaluation, radiology reports, hospital progress notes, surgical reports, chart notes, referral letters, insurance related correspondence and narratives.

V Transcription offers Progressive Dermatology Transcription
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