Emergency Room Transcription Service

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Handling volume with dexterity and know how, V Transcription offers emergency room transcription with a flair for security, confidentiality and quick delivery. Applying HIPAA compliant principles, the company renders smooth transition with high technology software that facilitates document flow management, dictation options, voice capture with excellent TAT. V Transcription offers emergency room transcription to clinics, hospitals, emergency physicians, physicians' groups, medical emergency centers around the world, ambulatory care centers, individual practitioners, small and large multi-specialty clinics, trauma care centers, medical practitioners and healthcare centers. With 24/7 support, a cost-effective approach and a 3-level quality check, V Transcription gives their clients the convenience of browser based transfer of files, 256 bit AES encryption and a toll free number, the skilled transcriptionists render medical emergency room transcription services to their clients.

V Transcription offers a seamless transition of emergency room transcription with 99% accuracy and thoroughness to deliver acute care transcription, surgical report transcription, discharge summary transcription, admission note transcription and H&P transcription. Versatile and flexible, the transcriptionists at V Transcription are also adept at pathology reports, progress reports, autopsy reports, consultation reports, radiology reports, physical examination reports, labor and delivery reports. With a reputation of dependability, V Transcription offers operative/surgery reports, emergency room visit summaries, referrals, death summaries, therapy reports, discharge summaries, general correspondence, progress notes and many more flawlessly transcribed emergency room transcription.

V Transcription Renders Precise Emergency Room Transcription
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