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Do you know one of the best ways that doctors can get medical dictations across to its secure server? V Transcription has deployed deep research and in-depth surveys with its Medical Transcription Clients to figure out the difficulties that doctors have in getting their dictations across to its secure server. Going that extra mile to leverage the benefits of professional Olympus Digital Recorders, V Transcription exhibits the proud accolade of 30% of V Transcription’s doctors appreciating the usage of the professional Olympus Digital Recorders provided by V Transcription free of cost. Displaying advantages, 45% of doctors are content in using V Transcription’s Toll-free Telephone Dictation System to get their dictations across to its secure server.

Some of the surveys open out the fact that 10% of the doctors are dissatisfied with Olympus Digital Recorders. This is because they have no access to their home computer or the office computer that would transfer their dictations to V Transcription’s server via installed Olympus’s Dictation Module software. About 15% of the doctors find it inconvenient to use V Transcription’s Toll-free telephone dictation system as they are not allowed to use the hospital’s telephone which has to be open for emergency calls. Survey result also display that 80% of V Transcription’s doctors are using the iPhone. The iPhone has enabled medical dictations which benefit the doctors. V Transcription is an active participator in the LinkedIn “iPhone in Medicine” group.

With a versatile touch, V Transcription has identified an iPhone app called Dictamus–Dictate & Send. The Dictamus app is recommended by the iTunes Store which allows doctors to dictate into the app which gets dictations access to V Transcription’s secure sever with just a touch on the screen. Possessing sophisticated technology, Dictamus has passed V Transcription’s quality test, reliability test and accuracy test.

How to use Dictamus:

  • Step 1: Launch Dictamus App.
  • Step 2: Touch “Record” button and start dictating.
  • Step 3: Once you have finished dictating, touch ‘Stop’ and touch ‘Save’.
  • Step 4: Touch ‘Dictation List’ and touch ‘Send to V Transcription’s FTP’.

V Transcription’s is happy to share the following link with iPhone users to get the Dictamus app installed:
Click to install itunes

The app will cost you $11.99, which you can get reimbursed on your first month’s transcription bill as the app basically comes to you free of cost.

Note: V Transcription is currently programming a secure app for iPhone, Android, Blackberry users to view/edit and electronically sign their reports just by a touch on the screen. The electronically signed reports can be routed to doctors’ EMR/EHR via HL7 Interface messenger. Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get more updates on the upcoming app.

V Transcription Deploys the Efficient Dictamus – An iPhone app
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