Orthopedics Transcription Service

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Lending expertise to offer flawless transcription, V Transcription assures their clients of perfect orthopedic transcription services for orthopedic clinics, healthcare establishments, individual orthopedists and hospitals. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology and a skilled team, V Transcription offers HIPAA compliant orthopedics transcription with dictation by phone using a toll-free number, dictation options, Secure 256 bit AES encrypted file transfer with 24/7 support. Flexible with cost-effective measures and quick turnaround time, the company security, confidentiality, professional documentation of orthopedic reports for physical exams, ankle and foot follow up, hip disorders & symptoms, hip procedures and post op, ankle and foot disorders, PT lumbar spine, neuropathy and spectrum of orthopedic documents.

Offering subspecialties in orthopedics medical transcription services, V Transcription gives their clients customized transcriptions for shoulder and elbow surgery, hand surgery, pediatric orthopedics, arthroplasty or total joint reconstruction, spinal disk fusions, surgical sports medicine, musculoskeletal oncology, knee replacement, orthopedic trauma, foot and ankle surgery. Facilitating smooth flow of orthopedics medical transcription services, V Transcription offers efficient services and a professional workforce.

V Transcription offers Expertise with Orthopedic Transcription Services
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